Effects of aromatherapy massage on stress and pain relief

Tired of work hustles. We all work day and night only to have a happy life. But have you thought of this " Am I really happy?". Most of our answers are "no". Only a healthy body can give you a happy life. If you don't know how to be healthy, then this blog will be the answer for you. There are many ways to become healthy, but massage therapy is the best option for you if you are busy with your schedules and work. 

Massage Therapy

Massages are almost a treatment in which the therapist will apply pressure on the tissues of the muscles. There are many massages, and the pressure levels get differs for every massage. Each and every massage is unique in its style, procedure, and benefits. A therapist is a person who performs the massage and is skilled in this field. There are many techniques used in massages, and the therapist will use them according to the massage type. The massages are done step by step and include lotions, creams, and oils. Some of the massages include practicing aromatic oils during the session. Only massages have the ability to turn out a stressful day into a relaxing one. Know about the Body massages to lose weight

How does aromatherapy work?

The essential oils used during the massage will stimulate the smell receptors in the nose, which transfer the messages to the limbic system, which is responsible for consciousness, emotions, and instinct. The olfactory cells are the one that recognises the scents which activate the nerve cells. This will improve the mood and reduce the secretion of stress hormones. Try out this massage at the best Massage centre in Chennai, at the best spa.

Aromatherapy massage

There are many kinds of massages, and aromatherapy always stands out from the crowd. This is because of the usage of the pure essence of the oils. Even though this massage has been followed for many years, it has become the highly preferred one nowadays. This massage is similar to Balinese massage. Aromatherapy massage mainly concentrates on relieving stress. The name aromatherapy came from the practice of "aromatic oils". The oils are nothing but the pure form of medicinal plants. Some of the plants have the properties of curing and treating diseases. The oils of these plants will help you in treating your body. During the massage session, these oils are blended with massage oils or lotions. 

Various essential oils and their benefits

Know about the best oils for massage therapy further in this blog. Let's discuss more.


Lavender is a blooming plant from the mint family. It is one of the most common and popular essential oils due to its fresh, pleasant fragrance that encourages relaxation. Lavender is a balancing or adaptogenic herb, which means it completes a function that the body requires. It aids your client's body in dealing with stress, making it extremely beneficial in massage therapy. Lavender also aids with better sleep, pain alleviation, increased stamina, and increased energy levels. There are also many essential oils for chronic pain, not only lavender. 


In peppermint, menthol is the major component, which has been used as a pain reliever. Before using this oil in massage, the therapist will blend this oil with some other carrier oils in the correct proportion. Only ten drops of massage oils will reduce the strength of this essential oil. 


This oil mainly helps in nasal blockage, colds, flu, muscle pain, and allergies. This oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Especially sinus congestion can be relieved by mixing eucalyptus into massage oil and lotion or placing a few drops on a tissue beneath the massage table's face cradle. If you are looking for a Massage Near Me, then enter Le Bliss Spa. 


Grapefruit has a refreshing, uplifting aroma and can be used for skin toning, lymphatic massage, as a mild diuretic, and cellulite therapy. Citrus oil, such as grapefruit, can assist in moderate mood swings and lower blood pressure. When exposed to the sun or a tanning bed, grapefruit and other citric oils are phototoxic, causing burns and skin discolouration.


Bergamot has a spicy, citrusy smell that resembles Earl Grey tea because it's the flower that gives the tea its flavour. Bergamot is the size of an orange and, depending on ripeness, has a yellowish-green colour similar to a lime. It has antibacterial, antispasmodic, and pain-relieving properties that help relieve stress and boost mood. Bergamot is also said to have uplifting and relaxing properties, making the client feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

How does aromatherapy treat stress and pain?

Stress is the main problem that every one of us faces. Sometimes, overwork, tension, pressure and emotions can put us in a stressful situation. If you don't know how to overcome it, try out a massage. Among many massages, aromatherapy massage is the perfect one for relieving stress. Sometimes the stress can lead to mental disorders. The effectiveness of aromatherapy massage will make you feel relaxed and calm. The lavender and chamomile essential oils are the best for relieving stress. Body pain is nothing but the accumulation of pain under the tissues of the muscles. If we don't treat the body pain, it may accumulate in the muscle regions and result in muscle knots and inflammation. Rosemary oil and yarrow oil are the best essential oils for pain. Get your Aromatherapy Massage in Velachery and turn out your day into a special one. 

The Techniques used in Aromatherapy Massage


Effleurage is a type of massage that uses long, gentle strokes to massage certain parts of the body. This technique is practised in specific locations like the arm, back, thigh, and neck. Effleurage is a relaxing and stress-relieving technique that can be used after an injury or surgery.


Petrissage massage therapy is the most effective technique, including high-pressure strokes. This technique targets more on the deeper part of the muscles. This will increase blood circulation, increase muscle flexibility, relieves muscle pain, removes muscle knot and increase range of motion.


Tapotement includes hitting, beating, slapping, hacking, tapping, and cupping. This technique stimulates the central nervous system and makes you feel relaxed. 

In this blog, we have discussed aromatherapy massage and how does it work on stress and pain relief. If you are planning to get a massage, enter Le Bliss Spa, the best Massage Centre in Anna Nagar. They offer you all the spa services within your budget.