What are the massage techniques used for knee pain?

Most people in this world suffer from foot and knee pain. Approximately we walk more than 4000 steps a day. If you are a sportsperson, then you walk nearly 10,000 steps per day. But some days we walk a lot which may result in knee pain. Walking is good for health, but more steps can affect the nerves in the foot. If you are browsing easy ways to get rid of knee pain, then read this blog further. Foot massage for joint pain is highly recommended. Here you will know about "which type of massage is the best for knee pain?". If you are looking for a Massage in Chennai, then enter the best spa.

How does the foot get affected?

The foot is the major part that includes 26 bones with muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. The high pressure on the foot muscles can affect the flexibility of the bones. This will affect the mobility of the foot. The bones in the foot are very sensitive and may get affected even by a lite pressure. There are many trigger points in the foot region, and when they are pressed, it stimulates the specific organs in the body. So, many diseases are cured by triggering these pressure points in the body. The most important part of the foot is the ankle region, which is more likely to get injured. There are many types of body massages that help in treating foot injury.

Massage techniques used for knee pain

Trigger points are the major things that help in relieving foot pain. Have you noticed the pain in the neck and shoulder may result in a headache? This is due to the trigger points, and giving pressure on the neck and shoulder can help in relieving headaches. This massage for arthritis in knees works great compared to others. There are some techniques in practice for knee pain and they are the knee lift technique, friction, and quad technique.

Lift Technique

The leg consists of trigger points on the upper and lower part of the knee. In our childhood, whenever we get injured in our leg, our mother use to massage the knee part with the oil. This will give some relaxation and reduce the itching sensation. The therapist will lift the knee up and down for removing the knots in the muscles. They will also use essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and chamomile. Get your massage by entering the best Massage Centre in Anna Nagar.


The therapist will make you lie down on the bed or on a table.

Will bend your knee part and rest the foot part.

They will glide your knee and the muscle around it with the essential oil that you prefer.

Then the muscles are squeezed by giving more pressure on them.

The knee of one leg is massaged for almost ten minutes, then continued with the other one.

Knee Friction Technique

This technique is especially designed for the knee cap and the trigger points. Like other techniques, this also uses essential oils like peppermint, vetiver and chamomile.


During this technique, the therapist will assist you to lie on the mattress or table.

Then the leg is stretched out completely and bent two to three times which will remove the knots from the muscles and bones.

After completing the stretches, the therapist will apply the essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus to your hands.

Then the therapist starts to massage the knee cap, which will keep the knee part warm.

Friction is given to the knee cap by using the thumb finger. Continued with gliding the knee part upside down.

The process is repeated for five to ten minutes till the muscle knots and the knee pain are removed. After completing one knee, the therapist will switch over to the other one.

Quad Compression

Quadriceps are nothing but the muscles near the thigh part. This technique is especially designed for treating pain in the quadriceps. This will remove the pain in the knee part too. Pressing the trigger point in this area will relieve knee pain. Treat your knee pain by entering Le Bliss Spa, the best massage spa.


The therapist will make you lie on a flat leg. During this, the therapist will use a mattress that makes you comfortable.

Gliding strokes are given to the muscles near the thigh region.

The therapist will make you stand or kneel down on the mattress.

Then the quad muscles are massaged and followed with the kneading technique. The therapist will hold the muscles for a few minutes using the thumb and the other fingers and lift them gently.

Then the quad muscles are massaged in a circular motion. This technique is practised for eight to ten minutes for each leg.

The Essential oils that are used for relieving the knee pain

There are many massages that include the practice of essential oils during the session. The most common are aromatherapy, balinese, acupressure and trigger point massage. Oil massage for knee pain is the best choice to get rid of all foot-related problems. The essential oils benefit not only in treating knee pain but also treats muscle inflammation and knot. Olive oil is one of the best oil for removing pain. Know the olive oil massage benefits by entering the best massage spa. The essential oils are mixed with other carrier oils because they are highly concentrated. Some of the essential oils that help in knee pain are:

Fennel: This essential oil is used in about 30 drops. It helps in healing wounds, relieves constipation, treats indigestion and weight loss.

Cypress: It can be used in 16 drops which will help in increasing blood circulation, improving the respiration system, regulating the sweat gland and calming down the nervous system.

Juniper: Using 10 drops of this essential oil will increase the blood circulation to the foot region. It benefits good skin tone, boosts the mood, keeps energized and relaxes the mind.

Chamomile: This essential oil is used in only 5 drops during the massage. The other benefits of this oil are treating indigestion, increasing healing power, treats ulcers and arthritis.

Lavender: Three to five drops of essential oil are blended with other oils to remove the inflammation from the muscles. It eases anxiety, treats allergies, sleeping disorders and treats menstrual pain.

Peppermint: Two drops of peppermint oil are mixed with carrier oils during the massage. This oil will treat headaches, muscle pain, inflammation, itching sensation and removes joint pain.

Calendula: This essential oil is mixed with warm oils during the massage session. Calendula oil is blended with oils like olive oil, jojoba oil, and carrier oil. This oil benefits in increasing the healing property, boosting the mood, promote good blood and oxygen supply.

Massages that help in relieving knee pain

Foot Massage

This is the first massage that is prefered for foot and ankle pain. In this massage, the therapist will massage the foot which will increase the blood flow and calms down the nervous system. This knee massage for pain relief is highly recommended. Know more about the Importance of foot massage at Le Bliss Spa.

Trigger Point Massage

As the foot has many trigger points, giving pressure on them will regulate the function of the internal organs. This massage benefits good sleep, treats indigestion and improves the mental state.

Thai Massage

This massage is also called "yoga massage". The stretches and the yoga positions used in this massage will treat the muscle pain, inflammation and avoids ankle injury. This is a kind of knee massage. Try out this at the best massage spa near me.

This blog has given you a clear idea about knee pain massages and their techniques. Getting massages for your knee pain will help in avoiding injuries in the future. If you are planning to get a foot massage for your ankle pain then enter the best Massage centre in Velachery. Massages not only help with ankle pain but also benefits you in many other ways.