What are the different types of facials and their benefits?

People think facials are only for making the skin glow. But they benefit your skin health and also give you some mental benefits. You will feel relaxed, refreshed, and also rejuvenated after getting a facial. Not all the facials will suit everyone, you have to choose the correct facial that suits your skin type. In this blog, you will know “what are the different types of facials and their benefits?”. To know more, read this blog further.

What are Facials?

As we all travel a lot, our skin absorbs more pollution and dirt. Facials are considered a tool to remove them from our skin. They remove all the dirt, debris, and dead cells from the skin surface. All the facials will reduce the effect of ageing, dullness, and sagginess of the skin. Some of the benefits of facials are exfoliating, deep cleaning, increased blood circulation, treating acne, reducing pimples, and removing dark spots. Every spa offers both spa treatments and also massage therapies. Get your Massage in Anna Nagar and get delighted.

What are the different skin types?

Every person has different skin types. It is entirely based on some factors like hydration, sensitivity, and the secretion of the sebaceous gland. The different skin types in common are oily, dry, normal, sensitive and combination skin. Know more about the skin types at the Massage Near Me.

Normal Skin

This skin is both oily and dry. It will be clean, soft, and doesn't need so much care. It does not absorb more dirt. 

Sensitive Skin

This skin type easily reacts to allergies and to other stimuli than any other skin type. They are very delicate and react immediately to heat, redness, cold, and itching. This kind of skin type is more likely to get affected by infection and germs. Sometimes, this skin type is called "irritated skin" because of its sensitivity. 

Dry Skin

Usually, this skin type is a temporary one. It occurs due to some of the factors like low moistness, use of more hot water, and the weather. Some people suffer from this dry skin often and some may for a long period of time. This skin type has higher possibility of getting affected by bacteria and may be affected by eczema, irritation, itching and redness.

Longer periods of dry skin can lead to cracked and atopic skin. Cracked skin will result in cracks, itching and also sometimes bleeding. Atopic skin is almost like a disease that causes rapid irritation and itching. 

Oily Skin

This skin type is the common one that everyone has. It may give you a glowing and bright appearance. It is due to excessive production by sebaceous glands. It is common for young adult and adolescent people, especially people below the age of 35 years old. People with oily skin will usually suffer from acne and pimple problems. 

Combination Skin

As the name indicates, it is the combination of dry and oily skin. The cheek portion will be dry, and the other skin surface will be oily. To have an even skin tone, you should get facials on a regular basis. 

The Different Types of Facials

Here you will know “how many types of facials?”. There are plenty, but here we are going to discuss the common types. Know about “Things you need to know about facial rejuvenation treatments”.

Classical Facial

If you don't know which facial is best for glowing skin in parlour, then simply go with this classical facial. This is the most common type of facial type. It includes cleaning, exfoliating, mask and moisturising. This facial is best suitable for rejuvenating the skin. The exfoliation will remove the dead cells and refresh your skin. This facial is recommended for both normal and dry skin types. The steam treatment is avoided in this facial, and a cotton ball is dipped in warm water to remove the dirt. 

Aromatherapy Facial

As the name indicates aromatherapy oils are used during this facial process. These oils help in relaxing the skin and also mind. You can choose your own aromatic oil that suits your skin type. While massaging the skin with these oils will open up the skin pores and allow them to absorb the aromatic oil. This will help in cell reproduction, exfoliation and removes dark circles. This also helps in cell replacement which will reduce ageing and make you look younger. 

Anti-ageing Facial

Here, the facial is performed using ingredients that are good at reducing the ageing effect. Especially, this facial is for all the aged people. If you get this massage on a regular basis, you will be free of acne, pimples and the ageing effect. It doesn't have any limit, you can get this facial many times. This facial will keep the skin hydrated and increase the production of collagen. This will make the skin smooth and clean and avoid dryness. Get your anti-ageing facial at the best Massage Centre in Velachery.

Intraceutical Facial

This facial help the skin to be brighter and more hydrated. It is highly suggested for the people who are over-aged. It may give you a younger and pretty look. It also increases the glowness of the skin and keeps moisturised. This facial will open up the skin pores and allow the peptides and vitamins to enter the skin. It also keeps the skin hydrated. This facial is suitable for all skin types. Get your best bridal facials to shine on your wedding day.


This facial is completely different from other facials. It includes both exfoliation and hydration. In this facial, they use some devices to remove all the debris and dead cells from the skin surface. They also massage the skin using serums which are rich in nutrients to refresh the skin. If you have the question “which facial is best for dry skin?”. Then simply move with this hydrafacial. This massage is best suited for dry skin and also combination skin.

Fruit Facial

It is a kind of facial that includes the practice of using fruits and enzymes. They are natural ingredients that have no side effects on the skin. The fruits that are used in this facial are papaya, apple, berries, banana, pineapple, strawberries, grapes and melons. This facial is best suited for oily and sensitive skin. Know the Advantages of a facial massage at the best Spa in Chennai.

Benefits of getting regular facial

Facials help in reducing the skin tan

Treats acne

Reduce itching

Removes pimple

Increase blood circulation to the skin

Reduce mental stress

Rid off all the dead cells

Removes dead cells and blackheads

Tighten your skin

Improves skin tone

In this blog, we have discussed various kinds of facials and their benefits. Getting facials on a regular basis will improve the skin texture and also keeps them hydrated. If you want to get a facial treatment then get into the best Massage Centre in Chennai, then enter Le Bliss Spa. Book your appointment for your favourite spa treatment.