What are the different methods of exfoliation?

In this modern world, we all care more about two things, one is beauty and the other is healthy skin. Our skin has the natural ability to shed the older cells from the epidermis layer (outer layer of the skin surface). As we grow the functionality of our skin slows down and the dead cells won't shed properly. Usually, the shedding process takes place every 28 days regularly. As you age the process takes a minimum of 40-60 days to shed properly. In this case, we choose the exfoliation process which removes all the dead cells from the skin surface. This gives you healthy, glowing, and shining skin. Le Bliss Spa is a Massage Centre in Chennai that offers you all kinds of exfoliations at an affordable price.


Different people have different skin types. Everyone won't have the same skin type. There are two common types of exfoliation and they are mechanical or physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation. The exfoliation process differs for every skin type. As long as the dead cells remain in the skin it can lead to clogging pores and increase skin irritation. Dead cells can accumulate the pores along with the oil and other debris. It can result in whiteheads, black dots, acne, pimples, and sometimes rashes. To avoid this exfoliation is the best method which removes the dead cells and cleanses the pores on the skin surface. When the dead cells from the outer layer of skin are removed the skin gets more smooth and reduces the fine lines. The different types of skin types are dry, oily, sensitive, normal, and combination.

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Exfoliating tools

In the process of exfoliation, tools play a major role. The common tools used during the exfoliation process are Body Brush, Facial brush, Loofah, Ramie Washcloth, and Pumice Stone. The body brush is something that is used to exfoliate the arms, legs, neck, and backside of the shoulders. It will increase blood circulation and also aligns the cells properly. A facial brush is used only to exfoliate the face. The brush will be very small and gentle while exfoliating. Loofah is a natural product that is used to exfoliate the arms, legs, and back sides of the body. You can use this with exfoliants and body wash. Ramie Washcloth is an organic washcloth that gives you better results compared to regular washcloths. Pumice stone is used to remove the dead cells at the backside of the feet. It can also be used for other body parts.

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Physical exfoliation

This physical exfoliation is also called mechanical exfoliation. Physical exfoliation is removing dead cells physically using small granules. It is very gentle compared to chemical exfoliation. If you have normal skin or oily skin type then this exfoliation suits you well. Physical exfoliation is something that includes granular substances like fine coffee grounds, brown sugar, jojoba beads, honey, rice flour, and so on. While scrubbing using these ingredients the dead cells are automatically removed and the pores are cleansed. The exfoliants used in this process are rich in protein and nutrients which are absorbed by the skin surface. This controls the oil secretion in the face and makes it smooth and glow.

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Chemical exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation is a process in which we use chemicals to remove all the dead cells. Some of the chemical exfoliants used in this exfoliation are fruit enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids, and beta hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are plant-based substances that aid in the removal of dead skin cells from your face's surface. They work well for people with dry and normal skin. The common AHAs include glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid. You can use products that include these AHAs which dissolve the dead cells in our skin. Then removing them will be an easier process for us. Beta hydroxy acids are the best for oily and combination skin types. This works well with the skin which has more acne, pimples, and suntan. It will give you a deep cleansing and avoid cell breakouts. Fruit enzymes have no side effects and are best suited for sensitive skin.

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