The principles behind full body massage therapy and its benefits

We all think massages are only for rich people and it's costlier. But the exact fact is getting a massage is more affordable even for middle-class people. Massages are not only for relaxing the body, but it also benefits your entire physical and mental system. Some people take massages only for relaxation but don't know the exact benefits and how it works. In this blog, let us discuss the principle behind full body massage therapy and its benefits. 

What is Massage therapy?

Massage is a kind of treatment that has been followed for thousands of years. The person who performs your massage is called Therapist. Massage therapy is done using the self-massage tools and also you can get from the magic hands of a therapist. They will use their hands, fingers, palms, elbow, and sometimes feet. The techniques involved in this massage are kneading, soothing, pushing, pulling, tapping, hitting, pressing, friction, compressing, and applying pressure. There are many massage types and people choose them according to medical history and skin types. Massage is considered as an art and the magic fingers of the therapist do the art. Massages can be performed on a mat, floor, couch, bed, chair, table, and ground. This massage therapy is one that gives you many benefits and is the best choice for improving your health. Get your favorite Massage in Anna Nagar by stepping into Le Bliss Spa. They offer you massage services at a reasonable price. 

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The principle behind the massage therapy

Know the massage therapy principles and practice in this blog by reading further. Our ancestors believed that the energy flow in our body sometimes gets imbalanced with the surroundings. The improper or blockages in the energy channels will lead to many health issues. To eliminate these blockages people followed massage therapies which have the ability to treat them. The techniques involved in massage therapy are designed in a way to remove all the blockages in the energy channel and promote good energy flow. The main responsibility for this energy channel is the seven chakras in our body. When the functionality of these chakras gets irregular the energy flow gets disturbed. The effects of massage are large and benefit you in many ways.

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What happens to our body while massaging?

There are many massages and all differ in techniques and benefits. Let me explain the common procedure of massage therapy. As a first step, the therapist will soothe your muscles which will give a warm-up to your tissues. Then the therapist will further continue with the techniques like kneading, pressing, hitting, tapping, effleurage, pressure, and friction. Applying pressure on the body will squeeze out the old blood and allows the entry of fresh blood and oxygen. This gives you healthy skin and also good blood circulation. Massage techniques relieve all your body pain and also the muscle knots. This will increase the secretion of happy hormones and boost your mood. If you come to know the advantages of massage therapy then definitely you will get a massage regularly.

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What are the benefits of massage?

Let us discuss some of the massage health benefits further. Get the best Massage in Velachery by entering Le Bliss Spa and get delighted.

Relieves pain

Body pain is the common one that every one of us faces. When we have a hard day, we go to bed with lots of muscle pain. One of the best choices for relieving this body pain is massages. The pressure applied on the muscles and the soothing effect will remove all the muscle knots, pain, and inflammation. 

Boost up mood

Sometimes we feel sad, restless, or depressed without any reason. Have you thought about why we feel in such a way?. When the stress hormones in our body get increased, we automatically feel sad or depressed. In this case, massage also helps us by increasing the secretion of happy hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. These hormones have the ability to boost your mood in a second.

Improves Immune system

The immune system is the major part of our body that fights against foreign viruses and bacteria. When you have a strong immune power then you have a healthy body. Some of the massages that help in improving your immune power are Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Thai massage, and aromatherapy massage.

We have discussed the principle behind full body massage and its benefits. If you are looking for a Massage Centre in Chennai then walk into Le Bliss Spa. They offer you all the massage and spa-related services that you love.