The Difference Between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

Craving for a relaxing life in the amid of stress and pressure. Get rid of all your tension and depression. Do you want to rejuvenate your body? Massage therapies are the best choice for treating your body. Know more about the difference between Swedish and deep tissue massage. If you are looking for a Massage in velachery, then enter Le Bliss Spa.

Massage therapy

Massage treatment involves the manipulation of tissues in the muscles. The common techniques used in massages are compressing, stretching, tapping, pushing, effleurage, stroking, kneading, rolling, and applying pressure are all common massage techniques. There are plenty of massage therapies and the most common in practice are hot stone, trigger point, acupressure, Swedish, Balinese, acupuncture, deep tissue, Thai, prenatal, and aromatherapy massage. The person who performs and is experienced in the massage field are called a "therapist" or "masseur". All massage techniques and procedures will be different for all the massages. Massages can be performed manually and also using some tools. Some of them are Gua Sha, Ice Globes, Sculpting Bar, Face Massager Roller, Derma Roller, Jade Roller, Collagen Roller and Jade Roller. All the massages are beneficial, if you are confused with “deep tissue or swedish massage”, read this blog further.

How does massage work?

Every massage is unique in terms of style and pressure levels. Some people may feel discomfort by the pressure level, but you can tell the therapist during the session. Don't hesitate to tell your therapist about the uncomfortability you face. Some people enjoy moderate pressure massage, while others prefer heavy pressure. Relaxing and refreshing gentle massages are recommended. It can treat fibromyalgia and exhaustion. Then, to relieve muscle pain and knots, high-pressure massages are recommended. The stretches and strokes will relieve the muscle knots and tension. This will increase the blood circulation to the muscles and keep them healthy. Book your Body Massage in Anna Nagar and get delighted.

Swedish Massage

This is the only massage where you can try out all the common massage techniques. This massage is highly recommended for the people who prefer low pressure massage. It is performed to re-energize the body and maintain general wellness. The techniques used here are percussion, kneading, vibrating, tapping, and rolling. The therapist will apply massage oils and lotions to the body surface. This will reduce the friction in the skin surface. Further know the reasons to get swedish massage therapy here.

Benefits of swedish massage

Stimulation of nervous system

Applying pressure on the skin surface will help in strong muscles . This will stimulate the nerve cells in the body surface. It results in relieving the muscle pain and tension.

Boost up Mood

Massaging the body surface will remove all the dirt from the muscles. This will increase the secretion of happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Mostly, the less secretion of happy hormones and the higher secretion of stress hormones will affect your mood. The higher secretion of happy hormones will boost your mood and also increase the immune system.

Relieves tension

The knots and adhesions in the muscles are quite painful. The Swedish massage techniques will increase the heat in the muscles and break all the knots. If you are suffering from severe adhesion, knots, muscle pain then this massage is the best for you. Relieve all your tension by entering the best Spa Near Me.

Techniques used in Swedish Massage

Some of the common techniques used in this massage are effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, rubbing and Vibration. Performing these techniques will benefit in increasing blood circulation, removing muscle knots, treating sleeping disorders, increasing oxygen supply to the heart and reducing inflammation.

What's a Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that is used to treat musculoskeletal problems like strains and sports injuries. Deep tissue massage means a high level of pressure applied to the inner layers of the muscles and connective tissues. This helps break up scar tissue that accumulates after an injury and relieve muscle and tissue tension. Before getting the deep tissue body massage, the therapist will ask about your pain points to concentrate more on them. Sometimes, the pain points will be at the deeper layer of the muscles, the therapist will use some unique techniques to get rid of them. From the above you would have known the “deep tissue massage meaning”. Know the reasons to get a deep tissue massage therapy here.

Benefits of Ddeep Tissue Massage

Removes Muscle Knot

As the name indicates this massage is best for removing the muscle tension and knot. During this massage the therapist will use high pressure to reduce the muscle pain, tension and knots.

Healthy muscles

When soothing is performed, the debris in the muscle cells will be flushed out. Then fresh blood is allowed to enter the skin tissue. This will increase the healthy and strong tissues in the muscles.

Increase Immune Power

When the debris from the muscles are removed, the fresh blood starts to flow throughout the body. This will increase the count of the immune cells in the body. Increase in immune power will reduce the entry of the foreign viruses in the body.

Difference between Swedish and Deep tissue massage


The pressure used by the therapist for both the massages will vary depending on the massage type.

In Swedish massage, the pressure given will be light to hard. The pressure level is increased gradually by the therapist.

This method is more relaxing in general, yet the pressure may be insufficient for some people. Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, uses much more pressure to relieve tension within the muscles and fascia. It may be too powerful for those looking for a peaceful massage.


The benefit of these massages get differs. The Swedish massage is one of the popular massages which is especially for relaxing the body. It will refill your lost energy. This massage will benefit you in increasing blood circulation, boost up mood and reduce stress.

Deep tissue massage is used to relieve deep muscular tension or to speed up recovery after a muscle strain. To do this, the therapist must use more pressure, which might be uncomfortable. As a result, deep tissue massage is rarely used to relax or relieve stress.

Area of focus

Swedish massage focuses on the full body. This massage is like a combination of all the massages. Deep tissue massage concentrates on the pain points which leads to muscle knots and inflammation. Know what are the benefits of deep tissue massage therapy here.

In this blog, we have discussed the difference between deep tissue and swedish. In conclusion, both of these massages are beneficial in well-being. If you are planning to get a massage then enter the best Massage Centre in Chennai. Book your appointment today!.