Rejuvenate Yourself with a Pampering Foot Massage

Craving for relaxation, foot massage is the best choice. We work for all weekdays and wait for the week off to relax. But we don't know how to get relaxed. Many people think relaxing is watching television, listening to music and engaging hobbies. Foot massage is the best effective way to relax the body and mind. The benefits of foot massage are enormous. Let us discuss some of them in this blog further. Get a body Massage in Anna Nagar and enjoy your day.

Trigger Points in the Feet

When the trigger points are pressed, it responds to the functioning of the organs. These points are located everywhere on the body surface. There are more than twenty trigger points located in the feet region. These trigger points in the feet are massages with massage oil to give many health benefits. Let us discuss some of the trigger points further. Tai Chong pressure point is situated in between the first two fingers which help in reducing headaches, pressure, stress and tension. The trigger point gall bladder 41 is also called Zu Lin Qi that is located in between the fifth and fourth toe fingers. Applying pressure in this trigger point will reduce headaches, treat improper digestion, muscles ache and reduce menstrual cramps. Pressing the first toe finger will regulate the functioning of the brain. This will increase the blood and oxygen to the brain cells. Pressing the second toe finger reduces shoulder, neck and body pain. Pressing the last three toe fingers will treat the headache and sinus. Get your full body massage by entering the Spa in Anna Nagar

What is a Foot Massage?

Getting a foot massage can give you many benefits. Our feet play a major role in our health. Foot massage is of two types: mild foot massage and advanced foot massage. The mild massage is of low pressure and is best suitable for relaxing. Advanced foot massage is done using high pressure. 

The foot massage techniques are thumb work, squeezing, knuckle, soothing, bending the toe and strokes. This massage has been practised for many years. The foot consists of more than seven thousand nerves and twenty-six bones. Massaging the trigger points will remove the energy blockages and regulate the chakras in the body. This foot massage can be performed using hands and also using some tools. The name of the tools is foot rub massage ball, massage foam roller, massage roller, foot massage stick and foot wakers. If you are planning to get the best foot Massage in Chennai, then get into Le Bliss Spa Chennai.

Benefits of Foot Massage

There are many benefits of foot massage and some of them are discussed in this blog. Book your massage appointment at the best Spa in Velachery.

Improves Blood Circulation

A sufficient blood flow to the organs will give a healthy lifestyle. The lack of RBC count can affect the immunity of the body. Getting a regular foot massage will improve blood circulation. Massaging the feet for fifteen minutes to twenty minutes will help in calming down the nerves and also treat muscles knots. Good blood circulation will help in treating diabetes.

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Maintains Blood Pressure

The stress and tension we face will lead to irregular blood pressure. People think only medicines can maintain the blood pressure rate but they don't know foot massages can also help in this case. Getting a professional foot massage will therapy will decrease your stress and depression which will maintain the blood pressure.

Better Sleep

Lack of sleep will affect the energy channels and chakras in the body. Giving pressure on the trigger points will remove the blockages and also help in good energy flow. Rubbing the feet before going to bed will always help in relaxing the body and mind. This will promote sound sleep.

Relieves Body Pain

Many people will suffer from chronic body and muscle pain. They try to treat them using allopathy and physiotherapy. But one of the methods is getting a foot massage. Our feet consist of many trigger points, applying pressure on them will help in treating these things. Massaging the legs with coconut oil will improve blood circulation to the body cells. Reduce the body massage by knowing the Thai yoga massage poses.

Faster Recovery of Foot Injuries

Our legs help us in locomotion purposes. When our leg gets injured or ankle pain, we get to suffer from unbearable pain. It's very difficult for us to move around. Everyone needs a faster recovery of injuries and we hate to wait for long. Foot massage helps you a lot in faster recovery of injuries and also avoids future ankle injuries. 

Boost up Energy in the Body

Fatigue is a huge issue that most of us have to deal with. When the hormone production is reduced, it may lead to body pain and chronic aches. Foot massage will aid in the proper secretion of hormones that will help you feel more energised. Women typically feel fatigued during pregnancy and menstruation; getting a foot massage might help lift your mood.

Improves Immune Function

The increase in white blood cells can improve your immune system. White blood cells fight against the foreign virus and protect your body from diseases. Higher production of stress hormones will lead to most of the disease. Getting a foot massage at Le Bliss Spa will decrease the secretion of stress hormones. 

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In this blog, we have discussed foot massage and its benefits. Get your foot massage by entering the best Massage Spa in Chennai, Le Bliss Spa. They offer you quality massage and spa services.