How hot stone massage works on our body?

Unwind all the body pain and stress by getting massage therapy. Nowadays people get stressed often because of overwork and tension. This may result in many health-related issues. Massages can help you in balancing your body and soul. Among many massages, hot stone massage is a special one that gives many health benefits. If you are seeking a Hot stone Massage Spa in Anna Nagar, then enter Le Bliss Spa. 

Hot stone massage

A hot stone massage is a type of massage that involves the use of both cold and hot stones. This technique was once known as 'Stone Therapy,' but it is now known as hot stone massage therapy. The therapist will use hot stones to soothe the body and mind throughout this massage. The stone will usually be between 110 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The stone will be heated by the therapist using hot water, an electric pan, or a professional stone heater. Other than these three, the therapist will not heat the stone with any other method or machine because there is a risk of burning.

How does hot stone massage works?

The therapist will warm the stones for your massage before you begin. The two stones that are used widely in hot stone massage are Basalt and river bed stones. They both have a lot of iron content in them, which helps them retain heat for a long time. These stones are different in terms of size, colour, and weight. The stones are soaked in water and heated in an electric pan. In the meantime, the therapist will massage your muscles and comfort them. Once heated, massage stones are placed in specific areas of the body, such as the spine, stomach, belly, legs, and hands. This treatment also includes some massage oils in addition to the hot stones. The therapist will test the stone's temperature by placing it on their skin before applying it to your body. Following the removal of the stone, you will notice a reddish shade or mark in the stone's place, indicating enhanced blood circulation. The massage is approximately 60 minutes long, and it leaves you feeling calm and relaxed. There are numerous sorts of massages available, but this hot stone massage therapy stands out among them. Aloe vera massage works well on the skin and body.

The basic principle behind the hot stone massage

Hot stones are used in this massage therapy, as the name indicates. However, we all have the same question: "why are stones used in this massage?" Massages balance the uneven energy between our body and the environment. The seven chakras in the body are in charge of harmonising this chi energy. If the chakras are irregulated, it results in imbalancing the chi flow. Getting a regular hot stone massage will make you fit physically and mentally. By getting into the professional Spa in Chennai turn out your day into a blissful one.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage
Relieves muscle pain

Most of us are browsing remedies for muscular and body pain. Hot stone massage has the ability to relieve any muscular stiffness and knots. The heated stones help in muscle contraction, which makes the muscle stronger and more flexible. Muscle irritation can be relieved by using cold stones. You can use both stones at the same time to receive both of these advantages. Relieve muscle pain by knowing what is a detox massage? At the best spa.

Relieves anxiety and stress

Stress is a huge issue that we all confront. This is linked to excessive tension, pressure, and sleep deprivation. All of this causes a surge in stress hormone production. The basalt stones used in this massage promote the release of happy hormones while also reducing the release of stress hormones. Cold stones have the power to improve one's mood and hence alleviate anxiety. Relieve all your stress by entering the best Massage Spa in Velachery.

Promotes good sleep

Sleep deprivation can cause mental illness and impair the performance of your physical bodily organs. Sleeping drugs are not the only solution for improved sleep; there are many more, such as yoga, meditation, positive thinking, and so on. Massage is one of them, and hot stone massage is particularly effective at promoting sleep. A better night's sleep will help you live a longer and healthier life.

Boost up immunity

Immune force defends you against all diseases and keeps your body in good shape. Because of irregular sleep, food, and stress, most people nowadays have low immunity. Immune power can be boosted through good eating, yoga, and massages, as we all know. The RBC and WBC cell counts will increase as a result of the hot stone massage. This boosts our immunity and strengthens our physical system. The various Thai yoga massage poses will help in boosting up immunity.

Regulates Central Nervous System

The issue with the central nervous system is really serious. The blood flow in the nerves increases when we are anxious or overly tense. A clot or obstruction in the neurological system may result as a result of this. If the nervous system problem is not resolved, the functionality of some body parts may be disrupted. Cold stones aid in the relaxation of the nervous system and the removal of any nerve obstructions.

From this blog, we have discussed the hot stone massages and their benefits. To get all the hot stone massage benefits enter into the best Body massage in Anna Nagar. If you are thinking of getting a hot stone massage then look into Le Bliss Spa and book your appointment.