Does Sports massage improve your game performance?

Most people think massage is only for relaxing ourselves, but massage benefits you beyond that. Massage is the combination of techniques like kneading, pushing, hitting, skin rolling, tapping, effleurage, compressing and applying pressure on various areas of the muscles. These techniques involved in this massage make it more essential for a sportsperson. There are many kinds of massages and one among them is a sports massage. This is highly recommended for a sports person because of the high-pressure techniques and its unique style. In this blog, you will know does Sports massage improve your game performance?. If you are seeking a Massage in Velachery, then enter Le Bliss Spa.

Sports Massage

Initially, this massage was designed for athletes and sportspersons. But now people who are involved in more physical activities can also get this massage. Sports massage is one of the highly recommended massage therapy for athletes. The difference between sports massage and the other massage is nothing but the techniques. Sports massage techniques include some high-pressure techniques to treat the deep layer of the muscles and sports injuries. There are two basic forms of sports massage: pre-event massage and post-event massage. Get your sports massage by stepping into the Massage Centre in Anna Nagar.

Pre-event massage: This massage is suggested only when you are about to take part in an event or a game. The techniques involved in this massage are low-pressure and very mild. Because high-pressure techniques may change muscle memory and affect your game performance. The benefits of this massage are relaxation to the muscles, increasing muscle flexibility, improving game performance and avoiding injuries.

Post-event massage: You can get this massage after your event or game or heavy training. Because this massage includes techniques with high pressure. This will help you in treating the deep layers of the muscles. You can take this post-event massage within 30 minutes after your workout or game or event which will be more effective. The benefits of this massage are reducing muscle pain, squeezing out waste products, relieving tightness, reducing soreness in the muscle and reducing the chance of injury.

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Benefits of Sports massage

There are many benefits of sports massage therapy, let us discuss some among them. Sports massage benefits for athletes are enormous. 

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Increases blood flow – The stretches and the stroking technique in the massage will loosen up the tight muscles. If you don't treat the tight muscles, it can restrict the blood flow to the tissues in the particular area. A good blood flow will increase the flow of oxygen which will give you healthy muscles. 

Breaking down scar tissue – Scar tissues are nothing but the tissue that is formed after the period of heal, cut, burn or surgery. Treating internal scar tissue is a difficult thing. Because the elasticity of the tissue is less compared to normal

Reduce Body Pain – Every one of us face body pain, but sportspeople face a little bit more. If you don't treat your pain, it may result in muscle tightness, soreness and cramping. The stretches in the massage will promote good blood flow to the tissues and reduce pain in the inner layer of the muscles. Massage also helps in the secretion of the pain-fighting hormone called endorphins in the brain.

Faster Recovery:

The recovery period of an injury always depends on the health of the muscles. Massages increase the blood and oxygen flow to the injured area which helps in cell regeneration. This will heal the injury faster than you think. 

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In this blog, we have discussed sports massage and its benefits. If you are looking for a professional Sports massage then enter the best Body Massage Centre in Chennai. They offer you many massage services at a reasonable price.