Different kinds of massage that improve the game performance?

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Every sunrise is an opportunity for an athlete. As an athlete, we start our day in the early morning and end it with a satisfactory practice session. The life of an athlete is full of scars, marks, and injuries. Definitely, you have browsed some ways to improve your game performance once. Do you know the regular practice of massage will improve the performance of your game?. If you are looking for a sports massage, then enter the best Massage Spa in Chennai. Book your appointment right now and enjoy your massage.

What are Soft Tissues?

The muscles in our body are made of many fibres and groups of tissue. The tissues that are used to connect the bones with muscles are called tendons. For muscle stability, rough types of connective tissues are there which are known as ligaments. These ligaments are over layered by a tissue known as fascia. All these tissues are named "soft tissues". A group of tissues forms the muscle which helps in locomotion and gives strength to do work. The muscles are connected to the bones through the joints. Sometimes the muscles get injuries from excess pressure and heavy physical activity. The muscle-related issues are muscle knots, inflammation and pain. The injury in the tendons will result in swelling and inflammation. Athletes exercise a lot and do heavy workouts and have a higher chance of sprains. The high amount of pressure will affect the tissues in the muscles and an excess amount of pressure will affect the bone region. Getting a massage will reduce the stress in the muscles and prevent injuries in the future. Enter the best Spa in Anna Nagar and enjoy your favourite massage.

How do massages help in improving muscle flexibility?

Muscle flexibility plays a major role for every sportsperson. It can be improved by getting massage therapy. Massages include kneading, petrissage, hitting, tapping, soothing, gliding, strokes and applying pressure. The stretching technique included in massage helps in removing the muscle knots and blockages in the tissues. Gliding strokes will be helpful in removing the debris and allowing fresh blood to enter the cells. This will result in healthy tissues in the muscles and gives you glowing skin. Know the natural face beauty tips by entering Le Bliss Spa.

Different massages that help in improving the game performance

There are many massages that help in improving the game performance. Let us discuss some of the common massages below. Book your appointment at the best Massage Spa Near Me.

Sports Massage Therapy

The first massage that is recommended for a sportsperson is sports massage. This massage is taken before the competition and also after the competition. They are called "pre-event massage" and "post-event massage".

Pre-event massage: You can take this massage prior to the competition. Because the pressure level used in this massage will be less compared to the other one. This will not change the muscle memory and keep you energised during the game.

Post-event massage: This is highly recommended after the test or competition. The pressure level used in this massage will be higher than the pre-event massage. The techniques used in this massage will change muscle memory and relax your entire muscles in the body. Inform the sports massage therapist about what you want exactly. They will suggest you the perfect massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

After sports massage, this is the next massage that is recommended for a sportsperson. The techniques used in this massage are of high pressure that benefit in relieving muscle-related issues like muscle knots, muscle pain and inflammation. This massage is firstly designed for treating musculoskeletal issues. Most sports people suffer from bone-related issues, so this is the best massage for them. The techniques used here will increase the blood circulation to the tissues in the muscles. The other benefits of getting this massage are treating fibromyalgia, maintaining blood pressure, improving sleep, treating sciatica and regulating the respiratory system. Know the olive oil massage benefits by entering Le Bliss Spa.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger points are nothing but the specific area that regulates specific internal organs. During the massage, the therapist will apply pressure on these trigger points about two to three times. The pressure points for relieving the muscle pain are gall bladder 20, inner gate point, ten dispersion and heart 7. The pressure increased gradually and repeated almost five to seven times. The other benefits of trigger point massage are relieving headaches, regulating heart rate, improving sleep, treating indigestion and treating migraine.

Aromatherapy Massage

This massage is very special because of the practice of aromatic compounds. The different essential oils used in this massage are lavender, peppermint, chamomile, bergamot, vetiver, rosemary, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang and frangipani. These essential oils are highly concentrated and are blended with some carrier oils. This will reduce the chance of side effects on the skin. As the pressure used in this massage is less, massaging the muscle won't reduce the muscle memory. Massaging the muscles with the essential oil will stimulate the hypothalamus part of the brain and increase the secretion of happy hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine.

Balinese Massage

This massage is the same as aromatherapy massage. The techniques, procedures and styles of this massage are similar to the aromatherapy massage. A special type of essential oil is used in this massage that helps in boosting up the immune system and it is called "Frangipani". This rare essential oil is found only in the place of Bali. The benefit of this massage is increasing blood circulation, good sleep, reducing stress, easing anxiety and reducing the production of stress hormones. This massage has the ability to remove the muscle knot and inflammation. This is a kind of weight loss massage that helps in burning out the extra fat.

In this blog, we have discussed the different types of massages that improve game performance. The massages listed above will help in treating muscle knots and muscle pain. Improve your game performance by getting a sports massage at the best Massage Spa in Velachery. Get all the benefits by getting your favourite massage.