Why You Need to Book a Massage Session Right Now

"How frequently should I receive a massage?" is a common question customers ask. The straightforward response is: whenever you want! However, a more practical response depends on several aspects, such as your way of life, amount of activity, degree of pain and physical needs, level of stress and emotions, and of course your financial situation. But those who have yet to experience the massage might think it is necessary.

This blog is for those who hesitate to take a massage. We shall discuss the benefits of massage oil, full body massage and the best massage for sleep. 

Why Consistency Is Necessary For Full Body Massage

Consistency is crucial in massage therapy, as with many other things. Regular treatments are more effective than a single massage every few months. Regular massage therapy sessions at the best Massage Center In Chennai are necessary if you want to notice real improvements in your soreness, stress, pressure, and overall well-being.

Even if getting a massage once or twice a week can be excellent for some people, it might not be possible for others. To assist you in choosing how frequently you should have a massage based on your needs, we have put together this guideline.

We will discuss the following:

    Things to consider when deciding how frequently to have a massage

    Depending on why you need a massage, how frequently should you have one?

    The different massages we provide

    How to begin using PRESS

In this blog, we shall discuss the importance of massage oils, the benefits of full body massage, massage for sleep and shoulder pain massage. 


Although massage therapies have several advantages, the type of massage the customer requires is crucial. 

    Are you trying to unwind and lessen your stress? 

    Aid with persistent pain? 

    Extend the range of your mobility. 

    Improve the quality of your sleep and lessen weariness. 

    You can choose the frequency of your massage appointments based on your needs.

For example, those who suffer from chronic pain may find it helpful to have massages regularly to manage their condition. Still, those who wish to unwind and relieve stress may require an occasional visit to the massage therapist at the best Spa In Velachery.

Your Lifestyle

Another aspect to consider while choosing a massage schedule is your lifestyle. More muscle tension and strain may be present if you are physically active and stress yourself more frequently.

To aid in muscle recovery and pain, you might require frequent massages. However, if you live a less active lifestyle, you might only need to receive a massage once in a while for preventative maintenance. 

Consistency Is Crucial

It's crucial to keep in mind that consistency is essential in massage therapy. Routine checkups can aid your body's recovery from ailments and wounds while preventing further ones. It's vital to create a regular massage regimen if you want long-term results. 

For instance, people who want to boost their immunity and get rid of toxins in their bodies choose to go to massage appointments more frequently because doing so enables them to see the outcomes they want more quickly.

Never Wait For A Long Time

Many people often put off visiting a massage therapist until they are in acute discomfort. Don't wait for the pain to worsen. It is preferable to receive a massage as soon as you experience pain. Waiting until the pain becomes intolerable could result in more significant damage and make treatment much more difficult. So, get into the massage Spa In Anna Nagar.

A problem that has been ignored for an extended period typically requires more time and effort to treat than one treated early on. Thus, this can entail getting massages more frequently to aid in the condition's recovery.

Pain And Anxiety

Trying to keep up with daily living can impact our mental health. We frequently feel overburdened with stress and anxiety from work to family responsibilities. Every 4-6 weeks, you can take advantage of our Signature Massage to help manage these emotions. 

This therapy can help lower muscle tension, release stored tension, and combat anxiety by profoundly soothing the body and mind.

Athletes (Pre- And Post Workout) 

An athlete's body can suffer constant abuse when it comes to performance. Muscle flexibility can be improved with pre-workout massages, while stress and inflammation can be reduced with post-workout massages. 

Because of this, getting a massage every one to three weeks helps keep your body balanced and enables you to perform at your best.

Long-Term Injuries

It's crucial to continue receiving massages regularly if you've suffered from an accident or illness. This can lessen your pain and hasten your recuperation. It's preferable to schedule massage appointments once or twice per week, tapering to once per week as your condition improves if you're utilising massage to help with pain relief after an injury.

Frequent treatments at the best Spa In Chennai are required for pain control during the start of the treatment. The frequency of your massage sessions reduces as your body starts to heal.


Regular massages don't always have to be a luxury; they are sometimes essential. We advise getting a massage every three to four weeks to maintain a healthy body. Doing this may stop injuries, soreness, and stress buildup in the muscle fibres and take care of any other problems before they get out of hand.

Since everyone has different needs and circumstances, it's a good idea to speak with your massage therapist about the ideal frequency for your body maintenance.

Recovery After Surgery

A massage can be a perfect complement to your recuperation after surgery. It can lessen pain, inflammation, and muscular tightness while breaking down scar tissue and boosting the lymphatic system. 

To gain the benefit of massage, schedule an appointment six weeks following your procedure, then schedule one every 1-2 weeks until you recover. By doing this, you'll heal more quickly and get back to your regular activities more swiftly. Reduce all your pain by getting the best Massage In Anna Nagar.

Massage Styles We Provide

Everybody has various wants and needs, and we at le bliss spa adapt our sessions to suit each person's opinion. Let's examine the various massage alternatives available to you:

Full Body Massage

LE BLISS SPA massage covers all areas of the body. These areas include:

    The head (scalp, temples and crown)

    Neck (sternocleidomastoid, trapezius and scalenes muscles)

    Shoulders (rhomboids and rotator cuff muscles)

    Back (quadratus lumborum and latissimus dorsi)

    Arms (biceps, triceps, brachialis, coracobrachialis, brachioradialis and the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscles)

    Hips (glutes and piriformis muscles)

    Legs (hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors, gastrocs and feet)

Our massage therapists use our Signature technique, which combines orthopaedic Deep Tissue massage therapy (focused on pressure on specific areas of stress). Applying targeted pressure to particular tension-causing areas during orthopaedic deep tissue massage therapy can assist in relieving stress and tension throughout the entire body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. 

With Full Body massage, you can get therapeutic advantages such as:

    Increased blood circulation

    Increased mobility 

    Decreased tension 

    It decreased discomfort and pain.

Therefore, Full Body massage can be beneficial whether you have chronic pain, are recovering from an injury or surgery, or just need to unwind and unwind after a long day.

Back, Neck And Shoulders 

The muscles in the back (both upper and lower), neck, and shoulders are the focus of the BACK, NECK AND SHOULDERS massage. 

This therapy focuses on the tissues and muscles within those areas to relieve inflammation and aches and pains (headaches, neck pain, and back pain), improve mobility, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, increase flexibility, and relax the muscles. These treatment advantages include:

    Reduced pain and soreness (headaches, neck tension, and back pain)

    Reduced pain and muscle fatigue (headaches, neck tension, and back pain)

    Enhanced range of motion, blood and lymph

    Improved posture and enhanced well-being.

Neck & Shoulders massage therapy is a great treatment for people with headaches because our massage therapists can focus on the back, neck, and shoulder muscles and provide deep healing.


The benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy are better blood flow, reduced tension, pain relief, and muscular relaxation. Since no two pregnancies are alike and every pregnant person is different, we ensure that every pregnancy massage therapy session is 100% customised to each client's specific requirements. 

This massage therapy is specially made to deal with pregnancy-related leg cramping, swollen feet and ankles, pain affecting the back, hip, and outer side of the leg, headaches, and neck strain. 

Our professional massage therapists apply gentle pressure while working on the sore spots throughout this massage to help expectant women unwind. We also offer supportive maternity pillows to ensure optimal convenience and safety throughout the massage session. Visit Le Bliss Spa to get the best Massage In Velachery.

In-Office Chair Massage

Many of us work desk jobs where we must remain seated all day. Long periods of sitting can cause weariness, poor posture, circulation issues, tight and aching muscles, neck pain, headaches, and ailments like carpal tunnel and eye strain. Because of this, we provide the best therapy to feel better and work more effectively all day.

Targeting the back, neck, hips, hands, wrists, and arm muscles while the patient is still seated in their office chair or our massage chair is the goal of this unique therapy. Our massage experts apply mild to deep pressure to the knotted areas to relieve tension and effectively release stress.

Get Started With LE BLISS SPA

As we've seen, receiving massages has several advantages, and how frequently you have them will depend on your particular requirements. Consider that you want to enhance your athletic performance, minimise work accidents by managing stress, or decompress and unwind after a long day. Stop waiting now. Start enjoying the benefits of Le Bliss Spa Massage services by scheduling your appointment immediately!