Why should I get Foot Massage Therapy?

We all start our day by running and stopping at the end of the day. We walk a lot and neglect to take good care of our feet. How many of us have the routine of foot care?. The answer of most of us to this question is "no". If you are seeking some methods to relax your foot, read further. In this blog, you will know why should I get foot massage therapy?. Enter Le Bliss Spa, the best spa that offers all kinds of massage services at a worthy rate. 

Foot Massage Therapy

The foot is the major part that helps us in locomotion. Massaging them benefit us in many ways. It consists of a minimum of 28 bones, 31 joints and appropriately a hundred muscles and tendons. The muscles on the hindfoot will be soft, and the mid and forefeet will be rough. Multiple nerves from the nervous system are connected to the foot area. So, the foot has many trigger points. Massaging the trigger points will calm the nervous system and give health benefits.

How to do Foot Massage?

This massage can be done by ourselves, and also you can get it from a skilled person. Mostly try out this in a professional spa from a therapist's hands because only they know about pressure points in the foot. First of all, the therapist will give you a hot tub for your feet. After ten to fifteen minutes, they will clean up your feet using some tools. Then they will apply the massage oil to the feet and starts massaging from top to bottom and vice versa. Instead of using massage oil, they sometimes use cocoa butter, carrier oils, and rarely creams. Carrier oils are nothing but Argan oil, Apricot kernel oil, Sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil, Olive oil and Coconut oil. Massaging with these oils will make your body cool and relax the foot muscles. Then, the therapist will further continue with applying pressure on the trigger points. The pressure on numerous points in the foot will increase the blood circulation to the specific organs. Then the therapist will start to pull the toes one by one to remove the knots. This will relieve the stress and pain in the muscles of the feet. Get your foot massage at the best Massage Spa Near Me.

Why should I get foot massage therapy?

Make foot massage a regular practice to get all the benefits of them. There are several nerves connected to the feet that help for the locomotion. When the blood circulation or oxygen supply decreases, pain in the feet occurs. If you don't treat them, it may result in muscle knots, inflammation and ankle injuries. Getting a regular massage for our feet can help us mentally and physically. Even five minutes of massaging the feet before going to bed will improve the overall health. Book your foot massage appointment at the best Massage Centre Anna Nagar

Benefits of Getting a Foot Massage
Improves Digestion

We start our day in a hurry sometimes, we forget or skip breakfast. This will affect the digestive system in our body. It won't affect us during the adult period, but when we get older, it will become a health issue. Indigestion will affect the kidney and also the whole excretory system. The digestion process can be regulated by increased blood flow to the body. Know the hot oil massage for body benefits by entering the best spa.

Reduces Stress

Nowadays, stress is a common thing that every people suffer from. More stress will make you mentally sick. Massages have the ability to treat stress. It can be relieved by applying pressure to the hall of impression point, located between the two brows. Massaging this spot point for five to ten minutes will ease stress and mental pressure. Reduce your stress by getting a foot Massage in Velachery.

Enhances your vision

Due to poor eyesight, even a seven-year-old child wears glasses. It is due to watching tv screen, phone, tablet screens for a long time. The rays of the phone screen will affect eyesight. Massaging the little toe will help you improve vision by increasing the blood circulation to the eyes. Gat a today aloe vera massage and improve your eyesight.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Many older people suffer from a high blood pressure problem, becoming a serious health issue. Sometimes the pressure of the heart pumping may increase, which may block the way the bloodstream. This will lead to heart-related diseases like stroke, heart attack and block in the heart. The leading cause of high blood pressure is stress, body pain, tension and anxiety. Five minutes of foot massage before going to bed can maintain the blood pressure level.

Improves Sleep

A pampering foot massage will remove the stress, calm down nerves and promote blood circulation. As a result, it promotes restful sleep. Irregular or insufficient sleep can lead to many mental disorders. Massaging the foot muscles will relieve the stress and pain in the muscles that increase melatonin secretion. Get the elegant Foot Massage and other Body Massage services at Le Bliss Spa from skilled therapists' hands.

Avoid Future Injuries

Sometimes when we run or walk fastly, we fall and end up with an ankle injury. This occurs because of a lack of mobility of the legs. This massage can help improve the blood circulation to the feet. It also enhances the range of motion and flexibility of the legs. It will help you avoid ankle injuries in the future and faster recovery of injuries in the legs. 

Increases Blood Circulation

The absence or lack of blood circulation to the legs results in Rest leg syndrome. This is caused by the increase in pressure on the nerves that cause pain within the legs. After massage of the legs by using oils, the tissues draw out the old blood and enter the new blood. This will increase the blood circulation to the muscles in the leg and thus reduce the chance of getting rest leg syndrome. Know the importance of foot massage by entering Le Bliss Spa.

Now, you have a clear idea about what is foot massage, its procedure and its benefits. Small steps will give us a significant result. So, make foot massage practice regular and keep your body healthy. Get your foot massage at the best Massage Centre in Chennai and pamper yourself.