What is Developmental Trauma and How Can Massage Help?

In a study on PTSD patients, 44% of participants were able to eliminate all PTSD symptoms after engaging in somatic massage treatment. Somatic treatment comes in various forms, but somatic massage therapy is especially useful for people who are traumatised.

Somatic massage therapy is a kind of massage that emphasises the customer's physical and mental health. Numerous advantages of this special type of therapy include the easing of tension headaches, improved range of motion, and decreased levels of stress.

Somatic massage therapy is a type of massage that promotes mental healing. But it's more complicated than that. Here are some of the many advantages of somatic healing as well as information on this particular style of massage therapy. Get your somatic Massage In Chennai and get relief from stress and trauma.

In this blog, we shall discuss the benefits of massage therapy and somatic massage therapy.

What Is Somatic Massage therapy?

It's helpful to comprehend what somatic experiencing is before reading our guide to somatic massage therapy. Somatic experiencing is a type of therapy that emphasises the link between the mind and body.

All forms of somatic therapy aim to aid patients in understanding and controlling their emotions by making them conscious of the physical sensations they are experiencing.

Somatic experience is based on the idea that our emotions are held in our body and can be released by being conscious of these feelings.

The client will be led through a series of exercises by the therapist as part of routine somatic therapy to help them focus on their body and breath. This is comparable to what occurs during a somatic massage.

The client will gain a better understanding of their skin through this process, as well as the ability to recognise and let go of unpleasant emotions. In the end, this may result in a more tranquil and in-tune state of mind.

What Is Somatic Massage Therapy?

One kind of massage therapy that focuses on the neurological system of the body is called somatic massage therapy. Somatic massage treatment aims to reduce stress and discomfort to aid the body's ability to heal itself. Decrease your trauma and anxiety by getting into the best Spa In Velachery.

Treatment for symptoms like headaches, back pain, and neck pain usually requires somatic massage therapy. Along with treating other conditions like PTSD, it can also be used to increase circulation and reduce stress. It is also a good sleeping massage. 

Massage therapy can occasionally be used in conjunction with other therapies, such as physical therapy and chiropractic care, by qualified therapists and personal trainers. However, somatic massages are also available as a stand-alone therapy.

The therapist will manipulate the body's muscles and soft tissues while performing a somatic massage therapy session. These methods could involve friction, tapotement, effleurage, and petrissage. Moreover, the therapist may employ additional techniques and methods like aromatherapy.

Understanding Somatic - therapy for trauma 

Interested in learning how to take advantage of the benefits of your somatic massage? It is valuable to understand the basic ideas of this type of massage therapy and health method.


Most people associate massage therapy with relaxing and relieving tension. While somatic massage therapy does offer many advantages, grounding is also a crucial component of this form of treatment.

Connecting with the Earth and experiencing stability and support is the process of grounding. There are several ways to accomplish this, but one popular option is to just sit or stand barefoot on the ground.

This Earth-based connection is crucial for somatic massage therapy. The majority of the time, it's also important to become anchored in your own body.

To help the client find a sense of stability, the therapist frequently employs compression techniques. This increases the sense of safety and security, which can be especially beneficial for those who have undergone trauma. Boost your positive energy by getting into the best Massage Centre In Anna Nagar.

Additionally, grounding can ease tension and foster a sense of peace and well-being. Somatic massage therapy is therefore deeply nourishing and supportive in addition to being soothing.


The process by which the body controls its internal environment is known as self-regulation. It is a multifaceted system that includes the neurological system, endocrine system, and immune system, among other internal systems.

Massage therapy can aid in the promotion of self-regulation by enhancing the body's innate capacity for healing. Somatic massage therapy, for instance, can assist to lower tension and anxiety, boost circulation, and encourage tissue regeneration.

To induce relaxation and encourage body awareness, the therapist gently yet deliberately touches you. The objective is to help you develop the ability to manage your pain and stress levels over time.

Boundary Development

If you've been through trauma, you might notice that you don't feel connected to your body. The term for this is trauma-related dissociation.

Dissociation is the process of becoming detached from life and one's surroundings. It can appear as an out-of-body experience, a sense of being cut off from one's body, or the impression that one is looking in on oneself from another location.

Some people utilise the sense of detachment as a survival strategy to get through difficult or unpleasant situations. However, it may also cause problems with day-to-day workings. Somatic massages can help you feel safe and at ease with your physical body. As a result, you can recover sound physical boundaries.


The main idea behind somatic therapy, at least in terms of massages, is that body exertion is essential for assisting with the processing and release of emotions.

Your ability to make internal changes that enhance your physical and emotional well-being depends on your ability to draw consciousness to your body. Overall, it's crucial to remember that somatic exercises and exercise are two different things. Release your negative emotions in your mind by getting the best Massage In Velachery.

Even though they are both movements, you feel them differently. You do workouts, for instance, when working with a personal trainer. Working with a somatic massage therapist involves feeling or experiencing the movement.

Somatic Massage Therapy Benefits

An excellent approach to unwind and reduce tension is to have a massage. They additionally enhance circulation and speed up the healing of wounds, among other advantages. All of the body's muscles, bones, and connective tissues are the subject of the specialised massage therapy known as somatics. 

Somatic massage treatment works on this system to reduce pain, enhance mobility, and hasten the healing process. Beyond those fundamental benefits, this type of massage therapy has deeper mind-body benefits.

Release Trauma in the Body

Somatic massages (therapy for trauma) use the neurological system to help you eliminate trauma from your body. The therapist will strive to relieve tension that could be held in your body when you receive a somatic massage. This can assist in removing any impediments stopping you from processing your trauma. 

Somatic massages can also help to trigger the production of endorphins, which can aid in calming the body and mind. You'll be in a calmer mental and physical condition, which makes it simpler for you to meditate or process difficult trauma. 

Regulate Your Nervous System

The brain receives signals from the neurological system and then instructs the body how to respond. However, an overactive nervous system can result in stress on the body. Somatic massages provide a mild, simulated touch that can ease stress and anxiety, which helps to regulate the nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated, essentially turning off the sympathetic nervous system.

Just what are those? The sympathetic nervous system is what sets off your "fight-or-flight" reaction. The parasympathetic nervous system, in contrast, aids in "relaxing and digesting," as it is known in science.

Stress causes the sympathetic nervous system to become active, which raises blood pressure, breathing, and pulse rate. When you're at rest, your parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which lowers your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing. 

To keep the body's homeostasis in check, both systems are crucial. The parasympathetic nervous system, however, can take control during a somatic massage at the best Spa In Chennai and assist in maintaining the equilibrium of your complete neural system. 

Who Benefits From Somatic Massage Therapy?

A somatic massage has advantages for everyone. However, some individuals may find these massages to be very beneficial and healing.

People With PTSD

People with PTSD can benefit from somatic massages. The client will work with the therapist to discover and release any holding patterns in their bodies. Flashbacks, nightmares, and anxiety are a few PTSD symptoms that can be lessened if this is done.

Somatic massages can also promote relaxation and better sleep. To encourage the client to unwind and feel secure, the therapist will employ slow, gentle strokes. A thorough PTSD treatment plan may include this kind of massage as a key component.

People Struggling With Substance Abuse

Somatic massages aid in breaking the cycle of persistent stress. These commonly go along with addiction. You can unwind physically after you break these routines.

Somatic massages can also help to improve circulation, which aids in removing toxins that have accumulated in the body due to drug use.

Somatic massages can also aid in lowering anxiety and despair, it is two typical signs of addiction. As a result, those who regularly receive somatic massages frequently discover controlling their anxiety.

Somatic Massage Therapy Tips for Effective Sessions

Knowing what to anticipate is critical if you're thinking of scheduling a somatic massage. First and foremost, kindly note that the spa respects your limits. What else can you anticipate from your session? Spend some time relaxing and calming your mind before your session. You'll feel more present and able to concentrate on the massage at the best Spa In Anna Nagar.

Be as expressive as you need to be throughout the session. Allow yourself to express your emotions, whether you need to laugh or cry. Never be afraid to speak up if something makes you uncomfortable.

Spend some time after the session. With somatic massage, you can experience physical release; you can also learn more about your own body and mind.

Book a Somatic Massage

Psychological recovery may result from somatic massage. Additionally, they can assist you in reducing the number of physical symptoms like stiffness, soreness in your muscles, and more. The best massage therapist must be chosen to benefit the most from this form of massage therapy.

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