Top massages that improve the health of your heart

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Massages play a vital role in a healthy heart. As we grow, people will face more cardiovascular issues, blood pressure and stress. Massages can help you in maintaining both physical and mental health. Mainly, it improves the health of cardiovascular patients. In this blog, let us discuss the top massages that improve the health of your heart. If you are looking for a Massage in Anna Nagar, then step into Le Bliss Spa.

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Massages benefits you in improving the health of your heart

There are many kinds of massage therapies and let us discuss some of them further in this blog. Improve the health of your heart by getting a massage at the best Spa in Velachery.

Swedish massage

This massage includes many techniques like kneading, hitting, tapping, effleurage, friction, vibration, gliding and rolling. Per Henrik Ling, a Sweden teacher who was the first to introduce this massage. He designed this massage especially to relieve body pain, muscle tension and knots. The gliding strokes in this massage will improve the blood circulation to the heart and it will give you a healthy heart. To get a professional body massage get into the best Body Massage Centre in Velachery.

Deep tissue massage

This massage treats the pain in the inner layer of the muscles. Deep tissue massage is highly recommended for musculoskeletal problems and bone-related issues. During this massage, the therapist will apply gradual pressure, deep strokes and compression to treat the inner muscle injury for removing muscle knots and tension. The high-pressure strokes used in this massage will remove all the old blood from the tissues and allow the fresh blood to pass all over the body. So, the heart will also get a more fresh blood supply. 

Acupressure massage

Acupressure massage is a little bit different when it is compared to the other body massages. This massage is entirely based on the pressure points in the body. Pressing the pressure points for 3 to 4 times will benefit in good functioning of the organs. 

The pressure points that regulate the function of the heart are wrist point 1, heart 7 and small intestine. Pressing these points will help the people who suffer from heart problems. Know the benefits of getting a massage after workout by entering the best spa in Chennai.

Trigger point massage

This massage is also called neuromuscular therapy or myofascial trigger point therapy. During this massage, the trigger points in the body get pressed. Sometimes, there will be a blockage in the trigger points which will lead to sickness. During this massage, the therapist will apply pressure on the trigger points and remove all the blockages. The therapist will give pressure for almost 2 to 3 minutes repeatedly for better results. 

Traditional Thai massage

People of Thailand treat this Thai massage as their traditional massage. This massage does not include the practice of massage oils and lotions. Thai massage includes stroking, stretching, and deep massage. This massage is practised in a big hall for many people simultaneously. During this massage, you can wear loose clothes in which you are comfortable. This massage includes stretches, strokes and yoga asana. The yoga positions practised in this massage will improve the blood circulation to the heart which will keep the heart-healthy.

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In this blog, we have discussed massages that improve the health of the heart. If you are seeking a Massage Centre in Chennai, then walk into Le Bliss Spa. They render you with all massage and spa services.