10 Massage Myths

Can a massage remove toxins from your body? Can you rub and tap your way to a body free of cellulite? There are numerous claims made about massage treatment, ranging from its ability to ease anxiety to its capacity to expunge negative energy. These ideas are widely held not only by the general public but also by a large number of massage professionals.

Benefits of Massage vs Myths

Here, we contrast 10 prevalent misunderstandings about massage treatment with its undeniable advantages.

Myth 1: Massage releases toxins and ‘hangin’ stored in the body

This is a common fallacy. There is no proof, according to science, that a massage can remove toxins from the body. Without the aid of massage, our kidneys and liver naturally eliminate toxins from the body. Some people hold the belief that massages can help the body release toxins. However, there is no solid proof that your body contains negative air or that massage releases it.

Myth 2: Massage is only for pampering yourself 

Many health issues, including anxiety and anti stress treatment, can be treated by massage.

The truth is that massage has various therapeutic advantages beyond self-care and can support other invasive treatments. Real physical and psychological advantages of massage include the following, even if you don't have any health issues:

Stress reduction and relaxation enhancement

Relaxation and stress reduction are enhanced by the best Massage Centre In Chennai, according to a comparative analysis of multiple massage research found that massage can decrease cortisol levels by up to 30%. Additionally, it was determined that dopamine and serotonin levels increase by nearly a third. This explains how massages typically have a soothing impact on people.

Pain reduction

Though the relationship between massage and pain treatment is not completely understood, studies have found a high relationship between the two. Massage helps reduce pain, reduces muscular pain, stimulates trigger point and joint tension.

Another theory claims that massage "closes the pain gate" by igniting other nerves and preventing pain signals from reaching and leaving the brain. This proves why we tend to rub the injured area as soon as possible after suffering an injury and why massages make us feel better.

Massage lowers anxiety

Stress and anxious feelings can be reduced by massage. While boosting self-esteem and confidence, it can also elevate mood and promote relaxation.Massage therapy can be a helpful component of treatment whether you struggle with depression or anxiety. Regular massage treatments help you feel relieved and empowered.

Improved blood circulation

Though we have many reasons for taking massage treatment one crucial reason is that it improves blood circulation. So, if you take regular massage treatment at the best Spa In Chennai can be more effective therapy for people with vascular conditions and mobility issues.

Myth 3: You cannot shower after a massage

Following a massage, you can safely take a shower or a bath. It won't counteract the therapeutic effects of massage or increase blood circulation excessively. Showering after a massage is a choice based on preference. The only exception is when you've had a skin treatment massaged. Before taking a bath after your massage, your massage therapist can advise you to let the skin care completely soak.

Myth 4: Massage removes cellulite

The following are some ways that massage could help reduce the appearance of cellulite:

Removing extra body fluid

Fat cells are redistributed

Enhancing blood circulation

Skin enhancement

Myth 5: On your menstrual, a massage is not an option

Contrary to popular perception, massage doesn't make your menstrual flow longer or heavier. Many PMS symptoms, including period pain, and water retention, can potentially be helped by massage. According to research, regular massages are more effective than one-time treatments for PMS. 

For women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder, massage can be utilised in addition to medicine (PDD). So, it is the best anti-stress treatment during menstrual time. Remove your stress by entering into the best Massage In Velachery.

Myth 6: Massage opens your chakras

Some of the ancient beliefs that underpin the practice of massage have been carried over into contemporary treatment. In trust massage will unclog your chakras or restore your energy balance. But these assertions are not backed up by any reliable evidence. Not your chakra balance, but the body and brain are where most people experience comfort from massage.

Myth 7: It is unsafe to get a massage while pregnant

Massage can be beneficial for both mother and foetus during pregnancy and is safe to do so. For five weeks, pregnant women who got frequent prenatal massage therapy were less anxious, back pain, and depressive symptoms. Moreover, they also experienced lower cortisol levels and lower rates of preterm birth. Booking a frequent prenatal massage at the best Massage Spa In Velachery will give the best results.

Myth 8: A massage is a massage

Different types of massage:

Swedish (left)

Shiatsu (centre)

Thai foot massage (right)

There are more than 80 different styles of massagem, which is used to stimulate trigger points. A massage has various benefits such as a tranquil, comforting, and rejuvenating treatment. In contrast, therapeutic massage is curative and may entail deep pressure, stretching, and joint manipulation. Several of the most popular massage techniques include:

Swedish massage: The signs of stress, despair, and anxiety may be lessened by Swedish massage. 

Deep tissue massage: This type of therapeutic massage focuses on the deeper muscles and connective tissue and uses slower strokes and more pressure.

Shiatsu: Along with kneading and pressing, this traditional Chinese massage may also involve breathing exercises and stretches. It combines features of health massage as well as therapeutic massage.

Thai foot massage: To massage and press on the soles of the feet, a rounded wooden stick is utilised.

These are the few types of massage as well as common massage treatment but there are various massage treatments offered at the best Massage Spa Anna Nagar.

Myth 9: The benefits of massage are only temporary

Regular massage can have long-term advantages. Regularly unwinding with a massage can reduce stress and enhance your sense of wellbeing. Additionally, it can aid in reducing long-term physical stiffness, soreness, and stress. To help you enjoy the advantages of massage without the trouble, several therapists provide home service massage.

Myth 10: A massage should leave you sore the next day, else it didn't "work."

You might notice some tightness following a therapeutic massage, not unlike the soreness of your muscles after working out. Although this procedure is typical, it is not necessary for a massage to be successful. Being pain-free is also acceptable. A wellness massage generally stimulates the superficial layers of muscle, so you won't feel sore afterward.

Now that you have understood how massage benefits blood circulation, types of massage, how trigger points help cure deep tissue problems. So, if you want to take advantage of the massage, you can visit Le Bliss Spa and get delighted.