Prenatal Massage Techniques

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Anyone who's ever had a professional Massage in Chennai knows that both the body and mind feel healthier after massage, and the same goes for prenatal massage, which can feel particularly fantastic as fresh aches and pains are caused by extra weight and changes in posture. 

In general, after the first trimester, maternal massages are considered healthy from the best Massage in Anna Nagar. But during the first three months of pregnancy, you may want to stop massage as it may cause dizziness and lead to morning sickness. 

Despite the myths you might have read, there is no magical eject button that can accidentally stop your pregnancy during Massage Spa in Anna Nagar, and there is not much reliable evidence that one way or the other may have an effect on particular styles of massage. Few massage therapists from the best Massage Centres in Chennai resist such pressure points, between the ankle bone and heel, because of fear that contractions might be caused. It is a smart thing to stop massaging your tummy, as pressure on that region will make you upset when you're pregnant. 


Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Research suggests that Chennai Massage will lower the body's stress factors and relax and release the muscles. When you are pregnant, it will even improve blood flow, which is so vital, and keep the lymphatic system running at full performance, flushing out the body's toxins. And it reconnects your consciousness to your body, a soothing bond if you ever wonder if there's a kid inside or if an intruder has taken up residency inside you.

Regular prenatal massages can not only allow you to relax during labour, but may also alleviate insomnia, joint pain, neck and back pain, cramping of the legs, and sciatica. In addition, swelling in the hands and feet can be minimised, carpal tunnel syndrome can be eased, and headaches and sinus infection can be eased, all common pregnancy symptoms. According to some experimental research, Massage in Velachery can also alleviate stress without the use of drugs.

How Prenatal Massage differ from Regular Massage

Qualified massage therapists from the Spa in Velachery can make accommodations for various cushioning systems or holes as your shape and posture changes, allowing you to lay face down comfortably, while providing space for your rising belly and breasts. Or, with the help of pillows and cushions, you could lie on your side. 

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And don't expect deep tissue work during a prenatal massage on your thighs. Although gentle pressure is healthy, pregnant women are especially sensitive to blood clots that can dislodge deep Massage Chennai. That can be risky, in turn. The pressure can be firm on other body parts and as deep or as gentle as you would like. Do talk about what sounds good for your doctor, even how anything begins to hurt.