How to Get Better Sleep and Relax Massage

How does massage help for good sleep? This is the common question asked by everyone suffering from mental and physical health issues. The benefits of body massage are numerous because it reduces stress, improves circulation, eliminates toxins, improves flexibility, sleep, enhances immunity, reduces fatigue, relaxation, reduces muscle soreness and tension, lowering heart rate and blood pressure and improves immune function.

So, a sleeping massage is the best way to reduce anxiety and improve soreness. Manu of us are facing insufficient sleep and sleep less at night. It is because many of them are working for the whole day. It can be working professionals and housemakers, whoever may face such issues due to the pain in our body and muscle. 

The best solution to solve disorder, illness and infirmity is to take a massage. Massage is one of the best solutions compared to medicine. Though taking medicine is good for health and relieves health disorders, relaxing massage is the best way to cure all your health problems initially. It is scientifically proven that regular massage is the best way for body refreshment. If you want to get a massage for sleep, visit Massage Centre In Chennai for a relaxation massage.

How can massage therapy help you achieve good quality sleep?

There are various benefits of body massage and relaxation massage. The benefits are:

Pain and stress relief

Body injury recovery

Blood circulation improvement

Relaxation - the positive effects on sleep quality

Benefits of body massage

According to research, massage therapy helps treat insomnia and several chronic diseases that worsen this sleep issue. Although most people find massage incredibly relaxing, many might need to know its advantages.

Let us examine how receiving a therapeutic massage can promote sound sleep. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter produced more in the brain during a massage, which helps fight insomnia. Although most clients find massage incredibly relaxing, others may need to be aware of its comprehensive advantages.

Let's look at how a professional massage might promote restful sleep.

Massage aids in battling insomnia by increasing the brain's production of the neurotransmitter serotonin. 

The area of the brain that aids in deep sleep is thought to utilize serotonin as its main neurotransmitter. Similarly, the brain uses serotonin as a precursor to producing melatonin, the hormone that tells the brain to "slow down" and prepare ready for sleep.

Another study discovered that massage causes an increase in delta waves, the brain waves that are most intensely concentrated during the deepest stage of sleep.

The suggested length of massage therapy varies greatly depending on the demands of the customer and any co-occurring illnesses. Most studies were carried out over 3 to 13 weeks, often with two sessions of 30 minutes each. Numerous individuals claim to have seen progress even after just one session. Visit Spa in Velachery and get the benefits of body massage, sleeping massage and relaxation massage.

How to turn your mind off before sleep

Have you ever experienced accidentally falling asleep when watching TV? None of us is an exception. We might nod off on the sofa, meaning our body needs rest or relaxation. So, if you have such a kind of experience, you need deep relaxation. You can take a better sleep massage to avoid an often nodded-off habit. If you take this relaxation massage, you will have good muscle relaxation and breathing. 

Now you would have understood the benefits of body massage, relaxation massage, sleeping massage, and the best massage for sleep.

Everyone is familiar with the sensation of relaxation. But here's the deal. We retain the stress response, the exact opposite state when we're nervous or under a lot of stress. Our body has an internal defence system to protect us from actual and imagined dangers. For example, the heart-pounding impulse to swerve when a car is hurtling at you is powered by this practical reflex, which has literally kept people alive.

Scientific studies have found that a continuous sleeplessness habit is connected to various chronic ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Poor sleep also impacts general mental stability, attention, and concentration.

Finding ways to treat insomnia, which is described as having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, has become a critical part of our overall health and wellness due to the challenges of the present pace of life. Book the Massage Centre in Anna Nagar and get the benefits of body massage.

Benefits of body massage and relaxation massage: How massage triggers your body response

According to studies, when someone touches you, the nervous system is activated, which reduces the activity of parts of the brain related to stress and danger. 

In one experiment, volunteers were told to brace themselves for a sudden burst of white noise while Jim Coan and Richard Davidson recorded their brain activity.

They instructed the participants' partners to stroke their arms when experimenting again. They discovered that this simple touch decreased brain activity in regions connected to stress.

Therefore, a massage - which generally lasts at least 60 minutes of touch treatment - has the same effect on turning off the stress reaction. Deep relaxation is encouraged by using long, sweeping massage strokes. Some people may find this a therapeutic experience as stress departs the body.

Through more frequent activation of the relaxation response, regular massage enhances your body's capacity for relaxation at other times.

What is a sleep massage?

Sleep massages, in contrast to other more energizing types, use long, gliding strokes that are calm and deliberate to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. They are best planned right before night and usually feature calming massage blends with essential oils like chamomile, clary sage, and lavender.

What is the best massage for sleep?

Relaxation Massage

Close your laptop, turn down the lights, put on some soothing music, and prepare to close the tabs in your head as well.

With long, soothing strokes that relax the nervous system, our soothing massage helps to lower your stress levels. Expect a release of pent-up stress and a reduction in tension.After your treatment, drink a glass of water before retiring to bed for a restful night's sleep.

Deep tissue relaxation massage

As the name suggests, this treatment method involves escalating pressure to penetrate deeper levels of muscle. It tries to improve pain by lowering tension and boosting blood flow in the muscles, which will help the body begin its healing process. Book at the Spa in Chennai for getting relaxation massage and massage for sleep 

Foot Reflexology Relaxation Massage

Up to 18,000 nerve endings can be found on the sole, and massaging these promotes overall health. The bottom of the foot can be massaged to promote relaxation, even if certain sections of the foot appear to be connected to specific areas of the body.

Start your foot massage by pressing or squeezing your foot however it feels comfortable to you. 

You can even use a golf ball if it feels comfortable or a physiotherapy ball, like the ones available in our clinic, to roll the bottom of your foot. 

Take extra time pressing down on the area of your foot just below the big toe. 

5–10 seconds at a time, push and hold this.

Spend extra time rubbing the outside of your big toe. It stimulates melatonin production.

Your neck and shoulders can be relaxed by massaging the tip of your toes, and your breathing can be more relaxed by applying pressure to the ball of your foot.

 Before going to bed, massaging each foot for 5 to 10 minutes is often advised.

Head Relaxation Massage

Head massage is a challenging massage because your therapist will access the acupressure points on your head, which can promote sleep.

Rub your head starting in the middle of the top of your head. 

This point marks the intersection of two lines drawn up the skull from the tops of both ears. 

While rotating 100 times, push down gently.

Go to the spots where your brows end closest to your nose. 

Once more, you can either directly push on the spot or make circular motions with your fingers. 

Make 30 circles while attempting to apply pressure again.

Finally, massage the skin just beneath your eyes and along your brows. Rub the entire brow in a single motion using longer, sweeping strokes. 

At least 20 times, attempt to do both eyes at once.Book your appointment at the Spa in Anna Nagar and be ready to rejuvenate your body.

Face Massage

You may carry more tension in your face than you realize if it's held in your muscles. You can get a better night's sleep by massaging your face to relieve this stress.

Wherever your face feels tight, you can start this massage. Start by focusing on your jaw's strong back muscles. Make little circles with your fingertips and softly press into them. 

Identify any tightness that may be concealed in these muscles and work to release it by massage.

Then, turn to your temples. Instead of exerting excessive pressure, look for soft spots and gently circle over them. You can press harder as the pressure releases.

Finally, give your forehead a massage. You have two options for covering your entire forehead: either proceed straight up and down from the bridge of your nose, or follow the arc of your brows in extremely broad circles.

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Now that you have understood the benefits of body massage, relaxation massage, and best sleeping massage. If you want to get a better sleep and relax, you can visit Le Bliss Spa to get the massage you intended.