How Can Massage Therapy Benefit Stroke Patients?

Is the Stroke curable through massage therapy? It is a common question asked by every one who intended to take a message for the stroke. Not is incurable when we take the right step at the right time. Getting a massage at the best Spa In Velachery can fasten the recovery time for stroke patients.

In this blog we shall discuss the benefits of massage therapy, massage tips, deep tissue massage benefits and massage for stroke patients.

What is stroke

Stroke is a cerebrovascular disease, which is a sudden loss of brain function that ends up in insufficient blood supply to the brain. This sudden disruption will affect the blood flow to the brain which results in the sudden stroke. 

When the arteries carrying blood to the brain become completely or partially blocked by plaque, a clot, or burst, the blood may no longer be able to pass through them. Since the brain must constantly receive blood containing nutrients in order to survive, brain damage or even death may result. 

Long-Term Effects of Stroke

The severity of the long-term effects may vary greatly depending on the degree of the brain's injury following a stroke. One or more outcomes are:

muscle stiffness


Loss of mobility



Continual Pain


Feelings of apprehension

Memory loss

lack of speech

Damage to the left hemisphere of the brain may have the following negative effects:

Difficulty with reading, speaking, and problem-solving

Right side of the body paralysis or weakness

Damage to the right hemisphere of the brain may have the following negative effects:

Problems with short-term memory, vision, and spatial awareness

The left side of the body has weakness or paralysis

Benefits of Massage for Stroke Patients:

Recent scientific research has shown that massage therapy for stroke patients increases movement and reduces pain and sadness, which can lessen their need for medication. A relaxing Massage Centre In Chennai enhances muscle function and aids in stroke rehabilitation. 

Remember that massage therapy is not recommended in primary care since stroke victims may experience problems with their circulation. However, it might be a vital part of post-acute care.

Massage Improves Mobility in a Stroke Patient

Patients with stroke who have mobility difficulties benefit greatly from massage treatment. The patient's mobility range will be improved by applying various massage techniques to the afflicted muscles, which promote blood flow and help to rebuild muscle tissues. 

Swedish massage can assist increase muscle mobility and efficiency because of its long, gliding strokes and circular friction. It is also advisable to include acupressure in a massage treatment session because it might activate particular nerve centres.

Massage Relieves Fatigue in a Stroke Patient

Fatigue is one of the stroke's most prevalent and lasting adverse symptoms. Always being exhausted, excess sleep, slow speech and mobility, shortness of breath, lack of concern and interest, and a strong desire for solitude are all signs of weariness.

The energy levels of stroke patients can be boosted by getting regular Massage Spa In Anna Nagar and they can be helped to save their energy via massage treatment. Moreover, this type of massage will reduce cortisol, a stress hormone, and release muscle tension and toxins from the muscles.

Insomnia is improved by massage

Patients who have had a stroke may experience insomnia since it can be challenging to fall asleep when experiencing symptoms including dry mouth, shortness of breath, cramping muscles, and stiffness.

As it promotes relaxation, massage treatment can help patients get hours of rest so they can heal physically and psychologically. This decreases the probability of insomnia. The parasympathetic nerve system, which allows the patient's body to rest, is also stimulated by massage. Due to this a person usually nods off during a massage.

Massage Improves Circulation in a Stroke Patient

Better blood circulation is only one of the many benefits of massage for stroke patients. It is crucial for patients to treat this problem in order to stop other health-related problems.

In addition to the internal organs, gentle massages can increase blood circulation. A massage session at the best Spa In Chennai can also aid in boosting oxygen delivery to the extremities, such as the hands and feet, which may be bloated, freezing, or sore as a result of lactic acid buildup in the muscles owing to restricted mobility.

The patient's body will function regularly after oxygen-rich blood is supplied to their strained and damaged muscles, which will help them regain their health.

Massage Decreases Pain and Banishes Cramps in a Stroke Patient

Patients who have suffered a stroke may feel discomfort, which can range from cramping and muscle tightness to stiff joints and shoulder aches. Later, the pain will rise from moderate to severe,which the majority of post-stroke patients experience. After a stroke, shoulder pain makes it difficult to conduct basic tasks like getting dressed and taking a bath. 

The patient runs the danger of developing shoulder-hand syndrome (SHS), one of the stroke consequences indicating the discomfort and swelling of the hands and fingers, if the disease is not treated very once. Get your massage at the best Massage In Anna Nagar and get delighted by curing pain and cramps.

By increasing blood circulation, gentle massages help to relieve sore and stiff joints by improving the blood flow to the muscles that protect the joints and soft tissues. Cramping of muscles is due to the insufficient blood flow but the blood flow to every part of our body can increase by the massage. 

Massage Reduces Depression Symptoms in a Stroke Patient

Along with physical issues, a stroke patient may experience psychological problems. They may experience depression as a result of their inability to carry out their regular activities.

Recent scientific studies have shown that massage treatment helps stroke patients who are experiencing depression. When the neurological system's nerve receptors are physically stimulated and the body produces feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin and as a result of this massage therapy is said to have therapeutic efficacy. Serotonin augmentation decreases the likelihood of heart attack and a second stroke.

A massaging treatment at the best Massage Center In Velachery promotes a significant reduction in the production of stress chemicals including adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine, which works to fight depression.

According to the medical journal Stroke, depression affects one-third of stroke patients and it can be prevented by maintaining a positive outlook and ensuring physical and mental tranquillity.

Massage Supports Brain Function in a Stroke Patient

According to studies, treating a stroke patient with a light massage enhances their cognition and prevents dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Since a stroke directly affects the brain, stroke patience may seem dysfunctional. Reflexology and Swedish massage therapy are a great combo for preventing memory loss or any other potential brain dysfunction.

The patient's level of well-being is enhanced with massage therapy but always consult your doctor before receiving a massage or any other similar therapies if you have had a stroke. 

Now that you have understood the benefits of massage therapy, massage tips, deep tissue massage benefits and massage for stroke patients. Visit Le Bliss Spa to get a massage from the skilled therapists who specialise in stroke massage, swedish massage and many other massage which give you relief and stress- free mind.