Different Luxurious Spa Services and their Benefits for Rejuvenation

In the modern world, people focus more on their outer appearance. They often search for beauty hacks in a browser, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and forums. How many of you know that spa treatment will help you in improving your skin texture. In this blog, you come to know the benefits of different luxurious spa services. If you have the question “what is a spa treatment?”, to know the answer for this, read this blog further. If you are searching for a Massage Centre in Chennai, then enter Le Bliss Spa. 

What is a Spa Treatment?

Spa treatment is a way of maintaining the skin in a healthier way. Nowadays, Spa treatments are prefered by many people to maintain their overall health. It is the best choice for maintaining both physical and emotional health. Spa treatments can also be considered a "workout" because they give you the result as the gym. Getting a spa treatment is an easy and simple way and here you use less energy compared to workout. A massage is the most common spa therapy. Some of the popular spa treatments are pedicures, facials, manicures, body wrap and body scrub. It's a good idea to tell them what you want to achieve so they can offer the best treatment for you.

The Different Spa Services offered at Every Spa


It is one of the spa benefits. Facial treatment includes steam process, exfoliation, peels, moisturisers, masks and massage. They help in exfoliating dry skin, increase the improve circulation to the muscles, clean the pores and keep the skin hydrated. Some facials are designed to treat specific issues, such as puffiness, blackheads and darkness in the skin. Facial especially helps in anti-ageing by tightening the skin and reducing wrinkles, such as adding collagen to the skin. There are many types of facial treatments and they are anti-aging, classic, acupuncture, brightening, golden, fruit and hydrating facials. 

Body Scrub

A body scrub is an essential process that is used to remove dead skin cells from the body. It exfoliates and moisturises, leaving the skin clean and smooth. It includes a semi-liquid medium or gel in which coarse grains (apricot, walnut, oatmeal, and sea salt) are grained (often resembling the consistency of body butter or a moisturising lotion). A body scrub is made with abrasive materials such as salt, sugar, coffee grounds, rice bran, and even pecan hulls, which are frequently combined with massage oil and aromatic such as essential oils. A body scrub is a therapy, not a massage. For every 28 days, the cells in the skin shed off and new cells are replaced with the old ones. Get healthy skin by entering the best Body Massage Centre in Velachery

Body Wrap

A body wrap is nothing but the process of wrapping the body using a linen sheet or plastic sheet. Mostly everyone prefers the herbal body wrap because of its benefits. During performing the wrap the therapist will cover all the parts of the body using a sheet and leave the room for one hour. The open pores on the skin surface will absorb all the nutrients from the wrap. This will increase the skin tone and texture. The types of body wrap are Hydrating body wraps, Detox wraps, Slimming wraps, Herbal wraps, Mud wraps, Cellulite wraps and Seaweed wraps. It is one of the trending body spa treatments

Nail Treatment

Nail treatments for both hands and feet are available at most spas. Nail technicians in spas will exfoliate, soften, apply paraffin treatments, and perform warm cream and/or hot-stone massages in addition to shaping and polishing nails. The techniques used in this treatment will give you soft and clean hands. You can choose your favourite nail polish colour as per your need. 


Waxing is the most traditional method of hair removal available in every spa. Aestheticians first apply heated wax to the skin before pressing a cloth strip into it. They then swiftly remove the strip, as well as the wax-captured hairs. Waxing can be used to remove hair from any part of the body, including the chest, back, eyebrows, leg, and upper lip. Some spas even do full Brazilian waxing, which removes all hair from the vaginal area. Get your waxing with a Massage in Anna Nagar, Le bliss spa. 


Manicure is also one of the spa treatments where the hair in the hands are removed and exfoliated. This is started by waxing the extra hairs in the hands. Then the hands are cleaned up which will open up the skin pores. The therapist will soothe the hands which will remove all the dirt from the pores. Then massage lotions and creams are applied which will remove the skin tan and keep your skin moisturized. The different types of manicures in practice are french manicures, hot oil manicures and dip powder manicures. 


Pedicure includes the removal of dead cells from the feet using a rough stone (often a pumice stone). It includes skin treatment, such as granular exfoliation, moisturising, and massage is frequently administered up to the knee. The tools used in this massage are Cuticle cream, Lotion, Cotton balls, Cuticle nipper, Foot bath, Nail Buffer, Acetone, Orangewood stick, Toe Spacers, Towels and Toenail clippers. 

Benefits of Spa Treatments

If you feel stressed and get some relaxation mentally then spa treatments are the best. There are many benefits of spa treatments and the most common are:

Detox - Detoxification is the process of eliminating harmful and toxic chemicals from the body's surface. There's a no better option to do so than a spa that specialises in this type of treatment. You will not only be free of chemicals, but you will also be able to reduce weight.

Improve confidence - If you feel a bit low or lower confidence, then get a spa treatment. This will turn out your bad mood into a good one. The body treatments will make you rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed. 

Lower Blood pressure - Most people take up pills to maintain their blood pressure. Stop taking pills and get a spa treatment to lower your pressure. This will help the older people who suffer from blood pressure. 

Treats pain - The spa treatments will improve the blood circulation to the organs and to the heart. This will remove the blockage in the bloodstream and also the muscle knots in the muscles which reduce the pain in the body.

In this blog, you have come to know the spa treatments and their benefits. Enter into the best Massage Near Me and enjoy your spa treatments. This will make you feel rejuvenated.