Benefits of Reflexology

Recently, the term Reflexology has created jargon in the Beauty and Wellness industry. In fact, it is stated that most people find that taking reflexology is more relaxing and therapeutic to heal their body aches. Apart from the body aches, it also helps in healing the other major health issues. This has surged the people to search more about Reflexology and its benefits. In order to help you to know about this, here in this blog, we have discussed in detail reflexology and its key benefits of taking a reflexology service. 

Reflexology is a type of massage that applies a certain amount of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears which are connected to our organs and body. Reflexology is the act of applying pressure on the body parts that would eventually stimulate through nerve channels and provides several health benefits to us. Having seen what reflexology is all about, let us now get into the key health benefits of Reflexology. 

Improves circulation

One of the popular and verified health benefits upon taking Reflexology is that you can see a significant improvement in the circulation of blood and oxygen.

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Eliminates toxins

Reflexology can perform efficiently in improving the functions of the bladder and lower urinary issues. After eliminating the toxins that are contained in your body, it will start performing better. 

Enhance nerve function

Many studies on reflexology say that reflexology can increase, reactivate, and energize more than 7000 different nerves in just one session. The major reason to do reflexology is that it helps in opening and cleaning up the neural pathway that can enhance the flexibility & functionality of the cells in your body. Our Massage therapists at Le Bliss Spa in Chennai provide you with the best therapeutic service which is highly beneficial to your health. 


Reflexology can bring a state of a peaceful mind and relaxes your body. It specially cures sleep disorders which is a troubling condition faced by insomniacs and helps them to have a good sleep cycle. 

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Reduces headaches

Many people majorly take a reflexology service to eliminate pain from their bodies. Reflexology can cure several headaches and helps you to get relieved from tension and stress. 

Easy pregnancy

Researches on reflexology clearly show that reflexology is very helpful for an easy pregnancy. It also helps to reduce postpartum depression and the healing process of your body faster after pregnancy.

Speed healing

Better nerve activity and circulation can definitely promote the cells to re-grow faster. Getting a reflexology service can help your body to have a better activity of cells and circulation of blood that promotes the cells to regenerate faster. Also, the wounds can be healed quickly by themselves when the cells regenerate faster.

Boosts your immune system

The immune system plays a vital role in our body. It fights against diseases, viruses and produces antibodies. As reflexology improves body circulation and eliminating toxins, our body will become stronger to defend against diseases and infections. 

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Boosts the function of the brain 

Reflexology makes your brain function better so that you can concentrate more, and memorize your best days for a long period of time. When your brain functions actively, everything will get a little bit easier in your life.

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Reduce stress and anxiety

Being stressed will trigger your mood and also makes you feel depressed even for small issues. Something that causes stress reduction will help to treat anxiety disorder. Reflexology is one of the efficient methods to reduce stress from your body. If you're dealing with the above issues, you must give a visit to our Le Bliss Spa Massage Centre in Chennai and get the best Reflexology service from professional therapists.